The JLP marks Trans Day of Remembrance

November 20 is Trans Day of Remembrance in Canada and around the world. This is a day to remember those who have been killed in anti-trans crimes and to stand in solidarity with and for those who persist in the face of anti-trans hate and violence.

The rise in anti-trans sentiment across North America has been sudden and impossible to ignore through the past year.

In May of this year, Amnesty International published an article calling Canada out on its rising acts of hatred and violence against 2SLGBTQIA+ people. The sad fact is that much of this hatred and violence has been targeted at trans and other gender-diverse people.

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Since then, both Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have passed policies which demand that teachers advise parents if their children ask to be called by a different pronoun or name from what’s listed on their file. Saskatchewan has invoked the Notwithstanding Clause to uphold what they refer to as the “parental right” to know. Human-rights organizations both within and outside Canada are closely monitoring any potential changes in government policy in various jurisdictions in Canada.  

Studies have shown that affirming trans children’s gender identity significantly decreases their risk of suicide, self-injury, and depression. Violence against trans people is unacceptable. Every individual has a right to self-determination and a life free of violence.

Creating a workplace that honours diversity and inclusion means creating a trans-inclusive workplace. If you are interested in exploring steps we can take to achieve this goal, the Public Service Alliance of Canada has created a fact sheet on building trans-inclusive workplaces which features sections on what managers, co-workers and what unions can do. The link also leads to information on gender-inclusive washrooms and tips on trans inclusion.

Public Service Pride also offers a resource for employees who are gender-diverse called The Guide for Two-Spirit, Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender-Diverse Employees in the Federal Public Service. This guide includes practical advice and strategies for addressing challenges to creating a safe and comfortable working environment.

The JLP recognizes Trans Day of Remembrance and stands in solidarity with the trans community.


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