JLP pilot for OHS committee members a great success

From September 27th to December 1, 2022, more than 400 OHS committee members benefitted from the JLP’s OHS training initiative. JLP OHS co-facilitators delivered a total of 27 in-person workshops in 15 cities across Canada from Victoria to Halifax.

Following a joint study to identify learning needs of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) committees, the JLP received funding to develop a pilot initiative to deliver joint training tailored to the learning needs of occupational health and safety committees in the federal public service and to make them available for departments and agencies.

Participants’ comments were very positive. They wrote they now feel inspired to get involved in creating a healthy, safe and inclusive OHS culture in the workplace, and better equipped and more confident in  contributing to their OHS Committee.  What’s more, encouraging dialogue between participants has fostered a greater understanding. The in-person and interdepartmental approach was also very much appreciated.  A large majority indicated they will recommend the training to their colleagues on their OHS Committee.

‘’I really liked active pedagogical learning methods used throughout the workshop.  We were paired with different participants during the exercises, which allowed us to develop our OHS network.  I particularly appreciated the exercise on individual and workplace accidents, using pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words as Confucius said!’’

‘’Being new to an OHS committee I need to have a good understanding of what OHS is and how it functions within the Federal government.  I now have a better understanding and therefore will be a better asset to my workplace.’’

Several participants expressed an interest in referring other OHS Committee members to the JLP workshop. They were happy with the training’s content, learning methods and that it meets the National Joint Council’s training requirements in its Directive on Occupational Health and Safety Committees. 

Special thanks to the JLP co-facilitators involved throughout the initiative, Nancy MacLean, Richard Gaboton, Lynne Rossignol and Serge Michaud for their great contribution to the pilot’s success.  

In 2023, JLP-interested parties will continue to discuss possible opportunities in the hopes of expanding the initiative beyond its original scope.