Ontario-Nunavut Region Recognizes Facilitator milestones

On October 6, 2021, the Regional Field Coordinators (RFC) of the Ontario-Nunavut region recognized facilitators from their region who had achieved significant milestones in facilitation with the JLP. Ryan Winger (RFC Union) and Teresa Morgan (RFC Employer) honoured these facilitators in a virtual recognition event.

Photo of Ryan Winger, Tiana Gayle, Teresa Morgan, Fran Cohen

From left to right: Ryan Winger, Tiana Gayle, Teresa Morgan, Fran Cohen

Fran Cohen and Tiana Gayle were recognized for facilitating 50 sessions for the JLP. In addition, Tiana was given an award of distinction for her significant contribution above and beyond expectations.

The full list of facilitators recognized at the event

Facilitated 10 Learning Events

  • Anu Datta
  • Geraldine Donlin
  • Laura Geier Ennis
  • Erika Hamilton
  • Donna Huen
  • Mary Jeyananthan
  • Devinder Nijjar
  • Karen Page
  • Sarah Popkey
  • Marnie Spear
  • Jay Stoneman
  • Orsolya Szent-Imrey
  • Kimberly Wade

Facilitated 15 Learning Events

  • Herbert Alfaro
  • Sarah Barbisan
  • Jesslyn Bartman
  • Jack Botwinik
  • Lynn Dufresne
  • Marten Dykstra
  • D’Arcy Gauthier
  • Zahra Kotadia
  • Diane Levola
  • Gord Mitchell
  • Teresa Morgan
  • Karin Pennington
  • Tom Rowe
  • Paul Samson
  • Jacqueline Smith
  • Joseph Truman

Facilitated 25 Learning Events

  • Brian Benson
  • Heather Cruickshank
  • Stephanie Denis
  • Juanita Edwards
  • Nazmeena Ehsan
  • Valerie Fargey
  • Matt Gagner
  • Andréa Grant
  • Christine Haggar
  • Suzanne Hoffberg
  • Patricia Jurczynski
  • Jeffrey Kushner
  • Laurie Swinarton
  • Aaron MacGregor
  • Brenda MacKinnon
  • Alpar Molnar
  • Andrew Sromek
  • Valerie Sybbliss
  • Ryan Winger
  • Larisa Zhurakovskaya

Facilitated 50 Learning Events

  • Fran Cohen
  • Tiana Gayle

Award of Distinction – presented to a facilitator who has gone above and beyond expectations

  • Tiana Gayle

The JLP is deeply grateful to all of its facilitators who support the Program in delivering learning events, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic.