The JLP supports human rights

December 10th, 2019 marks the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration adopted in 1948, was a firm commitment of countries around the world to recognize, protect and promote the rights of everyone, including making it possible for future generations to uphold human dignity, equality and rights.

Thanks to the Declaration, there has been significant progress in the universal respect of civil and political rights, social and economic rights in Canada and around the world. But several obstacles still impede the full realization of human rights for all, and new threats to human rights have emerged in the 21st century.

The UN calls on people around the world to become Human Rights Champions, and to stand up for rights, every day.

We have a duty to ensure young people's voices are heard. We have a right to live free from discrimination on any grounds. We have a right to access education, health-care, economic opportunities and a decent standard of living. We – all of us – have a right to participate in decisions that affect our lives.

The JLP supports and actively promotes human rights through its various workshops which put emphasis on respect, inclusion, non-discrimination and safety for all employees in the federal public service.