March 19, 2013

International Day of La Francophonie
Since 1990, we celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie on March 20th around the world. We do this to recall the day in 1970 when the treaty creating the first intergovernmental body of the Francophonie was signed in Niamey (Niger).

This March 20th anniversary is an opportunity for us each year to celebrate our attachment to the French language and the rich and diverse Francophone culture. We also celebrate the values of peace, democracy and respect for human rights. These are all elements that unite the members of the International Organization of La Francophonie.


March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Every year on March 21st, the world commemorates the anniversary of the 1960 Sharpville massacre, which saw dozens of peaceful demonstrators shot by police in apartheid South Africa for protesting racially discriminatory laws. March 21 is a time to remember those who fought against racism and for equality and human rights. It is also a time to renew our commitment to continuing the struggle against racism.