April 14th, 2010

Celebrating the Joint Learning Program’s 1000th workshop

April 14th, 2010 marked an important milestone for the Joint Learning Program (JLP) as it delivered its 1000th workshop. To commemorate this historic moment, the JLP is inviting Public Service employees which Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is the union and managers to attend a breakfast celebrating this momentous occasion. The festivities will begin at 10 a.m. on June 30th in the J.K. Wyllie Room in the PSAC Building, 233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa. Please confirm your attendance with Rachel Besharah, Program Officer, by phone at 613-560-2983 or by e-mail atbesharr@psac.com

Updating of the Joint Learning Program Website

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) website has recently been updated and now has even more information about the program and JLP workshops. The section on participating in the Program is now more user friendly and provides information on becoming a facilitator, hosting workshops in the workplace and participating in workshops set out in the workshop calendar.

The 1000th workshop has been delivered

April 14, 2010 marks the day where the 1000th Join Learning Program has been delivered. Five workshops were delivered that day and all facilitators and organisers who where involved in these workshops can receive credit for this achievment. The workshops delivered were:

Public Safety Emergency Prepardness Canada, Ottawa - Employment Equity
Union Organiser - Louise Blouin
Employer Organisers - André Gilbert and Joel-Jean Beauchemin
Union Facilitator - Denise Blackburn
Employer Facilitator - Alex Roussakis

Canada Public Service School, Moncton Anti-harassment
Union Organiser - Meriaah Krebs
Employer Organiser - Diane Sauvé
Union Facilitator - Linda Boudreau
Employer Facilitator - Mohamed Cherif

Passport Canada, Gatineau - Anti-harassment
Union Organiser - Karl Lafrenière
Employer Organiser - Caroline Levasseur and Carole Loranger
Union Facilitator - Linda Iezzi
Employer Facilitator - Diane Beauchamp

Public Health Agency of Canada, Montreal - Anti-harassment
Union Organiser - Simon Jacques
Employer Organiser - Crystelle Bourget
Union Facilitator- Lynda Fortier
Employer Facilitator - François Martin

Service Canada, Levis - Union Management Consultation
Union Organiser - Anne Langevin
Employer Organiser - Jacques Legris
Union Facilitator- Denis Langevin
Employer Facilitator - Alain Gourd

The Joint Learning will celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned to know more about the upcoming celebrations.

An updated handout for the Union-Management Consultation Kit is now available

An updated version of a handout from the Union - Management Consultation (UMC) kit is now available. The Collective Agreement on "Consultation" and "Joint": A Summary of References handout from Learning Activity 1.2 can be found in the Facilitators only section of the website.  If you are facilitating the UMC workshop, you are encouraged to print this revised handout and replace it with the one that is currently in the kit.