October 4, 2011

2011 Public Service Employee Survey
The Public Service Employee Survey has been extended until October 7. Take the time to fill it out. Your opinion matters! Statistics Canada will send you an invitation to complete the online survey, and you are strongly encouraged to participate. As of September 30, the participation rate was 63%.

Orientation Session in Montreal
The Joint Learning Program (JLP) is inviting members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and their managers which Treasury Board of Canada is the employers to join its team of facilitators. Individuals who want to be a candidate to become a JLP facilitator should participate in a five-day orientation session.

The Quebec Region will host one of these sessions from November 28 to December 2 in Montreal. To apply, please click on the link Registering for an orientation session on the JLP website no later than October 21.

For more information on facilitating at the JLP, visit the JLP website page Becoming a facilitator. For more information about the session in Montreal, please contact Carolle Lajoie or Manon Bouchard, Regional Coordinators, Quebec Region, JLP.

A joint learning program pilot project at Parks Canada well underway
A Joint Learning Program (JLP) pilot project for Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members and managers at Parks Canada will be holding its first series of workshops in the next few months.

A JLP pilot project was negotiated as part of the most recent collective agreement between PSAC and the Parks Canada Agency. Its aim is to test at Parks Canada the JLP model that is set up for members at Treasury Board of Canada and focuses on a modified version of the Union-Management Consultation (UMC) workshop developed by the PSAC-Treasury Board of Canada JLP.

Five facilitators – three from the union and two from the employer – have received the PSAC-Treasury Board of Canada JLP facilitator orientation and will be jointly delivering the UMC workshops. Eight workshops, adapted to the Parks Canada reality, will be delivered across the country to selected Union-Management Consultation Committees representing a good cross-section of the diversity of Parks Canada workplaces.

A PSAC-Parks Canada joint steering committee and a joint JLP working group, each made up of an equal number of management and union representatives, have been overseeing and implementing the pilot project.

Following the series of workshops, the working group will produce a report on the pilot project.