Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace

Help build a healthy and respectful work environment.

This one-day workshop has been designed to develop a common understanding of what harassment is, what actions to take when it occurs and the process by which complaints are addressed. The respective roles and responsibilities of the Union and the Employer will be clarified and policies and procedures will be reviewed through case studies. You will leave with a strong commitment to building harassment-free workplaces.

A second day of this workshop is available to bring leaders from labour and management together to assess the organization’s current efforts to address and prevent workplace harassment. Together the group will develop strategies and an action plan to create a healthy, harassment-free work environment for everyone.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To increase participants’ understanding of what generally constitutes harassment;
  • To clarify the respective roles and responsibilities of the union and the employer in creating a harassment-free workplace and, if harassment is believed to have taken place, the roles and responsibilities of the parties in the complaint process;
  • To describe some of the individual behaviours that can create conflict in the workplace so that participants consider their impact on others;
  • To identify strategies and action plans for the union and the employer to work together to create a federal Public Service workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination.

Target Audience

Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace is delivered as either a one-day or two-day workshop. The target audience for the one-day workshop is Union members of the Core Public Administration and their corresponding supervisors and managers. The target audience for the two-day workshop is Union and employer representatives in the workplace.